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 Domain expertise
Internet Solutions, Software Solutions, Network Operations {Domain Name Registration, Web Hosting, Email Solutions}.

Why M.S. Computers

Our fundamental approach, Vast domain expertise, Proven Technical, Strong human resources, Vibrant Work culture, adapting latest technologies and Business value creation.

Expertise in Sun Microsystems, Microsoft Technologies, Macromedia, Oracle, Sybase, Security Integration, Payment Gateways, Linux Networks etc..

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When it comes to website hosting we know what is important. Fast reliable service with dependable support that won't let you down .In a time when consolidation and outright failures seem to be the norm. It's comforting knowing that the company you choose to provide your mission critical services will be then when YOU need them. That's our promise to you. Take a look at our plans and if your needs fall "outside the box" then give us a call or email and we will be happy to discuss your particular needs. One size does not fit all and we are the first to recognize this. Most clients of ours find the standard packages adequate and economical. However, your needs come first with us so give us a call now and let show you how you can have it "your way".

Web Site Design
Web Site Design started out with functionality taking priority over aesthetics, and it was good. Then along came graphic artists who thought (and many still think) that a web site should have lots of beautiful graphics and pictures.
With technology advances the programmers weighed in with as many complicated applications and things that would fly that they almost killed the internet. Luckily they only killed a lot of dot com companies.

Now rational, logical thinking that should have been present all along is taking over.


These are the components of a web site that make for a pleasurable experience for the visitor and deliver the "most wanted response" for the owner.

Visually appealing design coupled with engaging, informative content, powered by smooth, easy to understand technology allowing the visitor to fulfill their needs will skyrocket your "most wanted response".

Why M.S. Computers Web Design?
We provide expert consultation so that our clients know their options, potential and pitfalls for their web business BEFORE building or redesigning their web site. After all, if you needed a new engine for your car, would you go to the web or bookstore, buy or download an ebook, crack it open and begin building your new engine. I think not.

Do you know where you fit in to the online marketplace?
Do you know how you are going to drive traffic to your site?
Do you know how you are going to get the visitor to give you your "most wanted response"?
We do, and you will too! We will design your web site and web business for success, but it is not how you think.
How do we do it?
Firstly and before anything else we do two things. We learn about your business and market, THEN we create the content and design a system for accomplishing your goals.
Sure it will look a million bucks. That goes without saying. You can count on your web site being gorgeous and visually appealing. But the design actually comes last and only after we know what content and functionality you need to get you "most wanted response".
Then the work of developing the mostly automated system that will make your
web site/business come alive with the interactivity you desire and need to accomplish your "most wanted response". Such as:
- Web site Content Management - Membership Systems - Interactive calendars
- Online Classified Systems - Auction systems - Ad Management
- Trouble Ticket Trackers - Banner Exchange Programs- Affiliate Programs
- Calculators - Instant Messaging - Click Tracking - Chat Scripts
- Countdowns - Customer Support Management - Database Tools
- Discussion Boards - Education Testing Systems - Email systems
- Knowledge bases - Flash - File Management - Forms Processors

Guest books - Sales Lead Tracking - Shipping Solutions - Image Galleries
- Mailing List Managers - News Publishing - Organizers - Polls and Voting Systems
- Online Postcards - Portal Systems - Reviews and Ratings Systems
- Search Engines - Site Management - Software and File Repositories
- Tests and Quizzes - User Management  - Customer Management
- Virtual communities

You are in charge every step of the way. You approve everything in a smooth system of control ensuring you get what you want and also what you need. After implementing and testing, your web site is presented to you for final approval.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Internet Marketing Services
Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is critical to the effectiveness of a web site. Without effective SEO, your site will not reach your target audience. MSC provides a full spectrum of SEO services, including initial consulting to help analyze your marketing objectives, selection of effective SEO strategies to support your objectives, reviewing the effectiveness of your existing web site, and implementing affordable solutions to attract more users / customers.

MSC SEO services include the following activities:
1. effective keyword search phrases appropriate to your business must be identified. These are the phrases that your customers will use to search for the products or services that your business provides. Selection of effective keyword phrases is the core foundation of an effective search engine optimization strategy.
2. your web site code should be optimized to include proper density and location of target keyword phrases within your web site, including title tags, meta tags, alt tags, headings and body text on all of your core web pages. Paid advertising, including pay-per-click (PPC) campaigns, should be evaluated to complement your standard optimization process.
3. the internal links linking one page to another within your web site should be optimized to include the proper keyword phrases within the link text. This includes very careful design of your header, footer and navigation elements on your primary web page template.
4. your web site should be submitted to all major search engines and directories, including industry-specific directories as well as any local directories associated with local (geographic) aspects of your business.
5. an external linking campaign should be initiated to develop links from other sites (relevant to your business) to your site. The more relevant links to your web site, the better your keywords will perform with the major search engines like Google, MSN, Yahoo and AOL.
Finally, statistical package should be implemented to provide reports from your web logs, which will allow you to monitor traffic to your site, and continually refine your site design to achieve optimal SEO.

Search engine optimization is constantly evolving, so it is a never-ending process to ensure that your web site is getting the traffic required to help the success of your business. To see effective results of search engine optimization, try typing the phrase "Delhi Laptop Repair" into Google to view the position of MSC in Google's output. We consistently rank in the top 3 positions for our MSC site and in the top 5 positions on our national eCommerce site. 

Web Site Promotion Services


WWW www.msn.com

Do you want to get more hits on your site at an affordable price with a small budget? Let us help you get more hits at a price you can afford for your web site promotion.
Do not waste your time submitting your site to un-popular search engines. These are the most popular search engines where your site should appear.
Most of the popular search engines charge a yearly fee in order to display your site. You can submit your site to Dmoz.com and Google for free but you have to wait a long time to get listed, but once you get listed the popularity of your web site will improve.
We have the knowledge how these search engines work and their procedure to get your site listed in a short time without been rejected because of failing to comply with their rules.
This is how we do web site promotion:
1. Analyze your site for speed performance
2. Check site for html errors
3. Suggest keyword popularity for your site
4. Integrate keywords through you web site
5. Create more effective web page titles and descriptions
6. Submit your site to the most popular search engines
7. Monitor the traffic on your site to see if more changes are needed to achieve better results.....



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